Chang-Kun Lee     Seokil Moon     Seungjae Lee     Dongheon Yoo     Jong-Young Hong     Byoungho Lee

Optics Express, Vol. 24 No. 17, 19531-19544, 2016 [Link]

We propose three-dimensional (3D) head-mounted display (HMD) providing multi-focal and wearable functions by using polarization-dependent optical path switching in Savart plate. The multi-focal function is implemented as micro display with high pixel density of 1666 pixels per inches is optically duplicated in longitudinal direction according to the polarization state. The combination of micro display, fast switching polarization rotator and Savart plate retains small form factor suitable for wearable function. The optical aberrations of duplicated panels are investigated by ray tracing according to both wavelength and polarization state. Astigmatism and lateral chromatic aberration of extraordinary wave are compensated by modification of the Savart plate and sub-pixel shifting method, respectively. To verify the feasibility of the proposed system, a prototype of the HMD module for monocular eye is implemented. The module has the compact size of 40 mm by 90 mm by 40 mm and the weight of 131 g with wearable function. The micro display and polarization rotator are synchronized in real-time as 30 Hz and two focal planes are formed at 640 and 900 mm away from eye box, respectively. In experiments, the prototype also provides augmented reality function by combining the optically duplicated panels with a beam splitter. The multi-focal function of the optically duplicated panels without astigmatism and color dispersion compensation is verified. When light field optimization for two additive layers is performed, perspective images are observed, and the integration of real world scene and high quality 3D images is confirmed.

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