Dongyeon Kim    Seungjae Lee    Seokil Moon    Jaebum Cho    Youngjin Jo    Byoungho Lee

Optics Express, vol. 26, no. 13, pp. 17170-17184, 2018. [Link]

Hybrid multi-layer displays are proposed as the system combines additive light field (LF) displays and multiplicative LF displays. The system is implemented by integrating the multiplicative LF displays with a half mirror to expand the overall depth of field. The hybrid displays are advantageous in that the form factor is competitive with existing additive LF displays with 2 layers implemented by a half mirror and two panels, only half of brightness loss is experienced compared to multiplicative LF displays with 2 layers, and no time-division is required to provide images for multi-layer displays. The images for presentation planes are processed by light field factorization and optimized with the presented algorithm. Retinal images are reconstructed based on various accommodation states and display types to check the accommodation response and utilized to compare the proposed displays with existing displays. With ray tracing method, retinal images generated by the proposed displays can be obtained. To verify the feasibility of the system, a prototype of hybrid multi-layer displays was implemented and display photographs were captured with different accommodation states of camera. With the simulation results and experimental results, this system was confirmed to support accommodation cues in a range of 1.8 diopters.

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