Seungjae Lee      Changwon Jang      Jaebum Cho      Jiwoon Yeom      Jinsoo Jeong      Byoungho Lee

Applied Optics, Vol. 55, No. 3, A95-A103, 2016 [Link]

Holographic-optical-element (HOE)-based integral imaging display can be applied to augmented reality. However, a narrow viewing angle is a bottleneck for commercialization. Here, we propose a method to enhance the viewing angle of the integral imaging display using Bragg mismatched reconstruction of HOEs. The viewing angle of the integral imaging display can be enlarged with two probe waves, which form two different viewing zones. The effect of Bragg mismatched reconstruction is analyzed with simulation and experiment. In order to show feasibility of the proposed method, a display experiment is demonstrated.

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