Seokil Moon     Soon-Gi Park     Chang-Kun Lee     Jaebum Cho     Seungjae Lee     Byoungho Lee

Optics Express, Vol. 24, No. 8, 9025-9037, 2016 [Link]

A computational multi-projection display is proposed by employing a multi-projection system combining with compressive light field displays. By modulating the intensity of light rays from a spatial light modulator inside a single projector, the proposed system can offer several compact views to observer. Since light rays are spread to all directions, the system can provide flexible positioning of viewpoints without stacking projectors in vertical direction. Also, if the system is constructed properly, it is possible to generate view images with inter-pupillary gap and satisfy the super multi-view condition. We explain the principle of the proposed system and verify its feasibility with simulations and experimental results.

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